Blog Tour: Marked for Death by Matt Hilton

It should be a routine job. Joe Hunter and his associates are hired to provide security for an elite event in Miami. Wear a tux, stay professional, job done.

But things go wrong.

Hunter is drawn into what appears to be a domestic altercation. When he crosses the mysterious Mikhail however, he soon finds something altogether more sinister…

Before long this chance encounter has serious repercussions for Hunter and his friends. Good people are being killed. On the run, in the line of fire, the clock is ticking.

What I Thought:
Even after 11 books, Marked for Death, the twelfth book in the Joe Hunter series shows no signs of the hero slowing down. Matt Hilton has written a fast-paced novel, with a tight plot and a thoroughly detestable villain.

This is the first of the Joe Hunter thrillers that I’ve read, but after doing so I would definitely be interested in going back to the earlier novels to see Joe Hunter’s character forming, as there ae some small references to earlier situations, but they don’t spoil the overall plot.

I was really impressed that this novel was bang up-to-date, with references to the current US President, and the final dastardly plan is clever in its execution, and not revealed until almost the end of the novel.

The characters are well written, and there is real emotion as bad things happen to Hunter’s colleagues – it all adds up to a worthwhile thriller, full of action and intrigue.

Marked for Death was released by Canelo on 17th July. This review is part of a blog tour, which is still ongoing – do check out some of the fantastic blogs below for exclusive content, reviews and interviews with Matt Hilton.

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  1. Matt Hilton says:

    Thank you very much for hosting me, and for the excellent review. Matt.

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