Book Review: The Duke’s Temptation

Tortured duke Gibb Alford has vowed never to love again…until a beautiful French knife-thrower brings him to his knees.

When Gibb Alford, Duke of Menteith, saves a beautiful French knife-thrower from the unwanted attentions of a fellow aristocrat he is ill-prepared for the immediate tug of attraction to the beautiful Evangeline. Widowed, he has sworn off love forever, so he can well do without this temptation.

Evangeline certainly doesn’t want the complication of being in the sights of one smoky-eyed Scottish Duke. She’s a lady on a mission, with no time for love or dalliance.

However, fate and life have other plans and gradually Gibb and Evangeline become a couple.

As each struggles with the demons of their past, Evangeline finds life in the ton difficult. The spurned aristocrat Gibb saved her from is not prepared to give in and retire gracefully. And while Gibb fights the man, he also declares war on his emotions. When Evangeline’s past is revealed to her, everything changes. She has a decision to make. Fight for Gibb—or flee to a safe but unfulfilled future.

As for her Duke… All is fair in love and war—right?

What I Thought:
The Duke’s Temptation is a slightly more romance-based novel than I would normally choose, but since it fell within my enjoyment of historical fiction, I thought I would give it a try.

Raven McAllan is a new author to me but, looking at her listings on Amazon, she is quite prolific, turning out a number of titles featuring bodice-ripping dukes and their ladies. What sets apart this book and – I would assume – her other titles, is that the lady in question is bold, strong and not at all given to swooning, which is a real treat in a novel set in this period.

Knife-thrower for hire, Evangeline, has a mysterious past but catches the duke’s eye as being so very different to the twittering maidens vying for his affections, affections which are locked away thanks to his own demons.

Our tempted Duke, Gibb, is a dark and brooding man of good fortune and yet he will not commit himself to marriage again after the complicated death of his wife. Will he change his mind after saving Evangeline from a nobleman seeking revenge?

A charming, light read with plenty of period detail and sizzling romance, The Duke’s Temptation is worth adding to your Kindle.

I was lucky enough to host an extract of the book as part of a blog tour last year, so why not try a taster?

The Duke’s Temptation is published by Totally Bound. To find out more about the author, you can check out her website, or connect with her on Twitter.

Please Note: I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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    so glad you enjoyed the story

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