Book Review: Redemption Point by Candice Fox

In a dark roadside hovel called the Barking Fog Inn, the bodies of two young bartenders lie on a beer-sodden floor. Only the night-time animals in the surrounding forest were close enough to hear their screams.

Crimson Lake’s resident private detectives are hired to take on the case. Disgraced former police detective Ted Conkaffey and convicted murderer Amanda Pharrell are uneasy allies working alongside DI Pip Sweeney on her first homicide investigation.

For Ted, a new case serves as a welcome distraction from his fight to clear his name over the abduction of a teenage girl.

For all three, the hunt for the truth will draw them into a violent dance with evil. Redemption is certainly on the cards – but it may well cost them their lives…

What I Thought:
Sometimes, being a book blogger can feel a little unrewarding – as though you’re sending your reviews out into the ether to be read by no-one – but on other occasions, the stars align and some real treats come your way. So it was when I was asked to preview an early copy of Redemption Point by Candice Fox. Not only was this a sequel to the excellent Crimson Lake, thus fulfilling part of my #40yrs40bks challenge, it was also something that I had been eagerly awaiting.

Disgraced police detective Ted Conkaffey and his quirky partner, Amanda Pharrell are back and investigating a double homicide at an outback dive bar while Ted is still dealing with the events in his own life that keep drawing him back to Sydney and threaten the life he’s built in Crimson Lake.

When picking up a sequel to a book you’ve loved, there is always a danger that it will not live up to expectations, but this sequel delivers as expected and then goes beyond, mixing moments of action, domestic drama and emotion seamlessly.

The central plot of the murdered bartenders runs side-by-side with Ted’s own case as he attempts to decipher any new evidence he can find that could prove his innocence and maybe reunite his broken family. These two cases are brilliantly interspersed with diary entries that may tell us some more about Ted’s case but – spoilers!

I really love Candice Fox’s writing – both of the Crimson Lake books are just so well put together – great plots, with twists that you would never see coming and her lead characters have such clear voices that you can almost picture them.

Candice has written with James Patterson, and also has a number of books that are currently being re-packaged for the UK, one of which I already have on my tbr (Hades), and it’s well worth seeking her out and starting Crimson Lake which, I hope, will turn into a much longer series.

Redemption Point is published by Arrow on 17th May 2018 and is available for pre-order now.

You can find out more about Candice Fox on her website, or you can connect with her on Twitter.

Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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