Blog Tour: Caribbean Cocktails – a Guest Post from Daisy James

I was lucky enough to read and review Sunshine and Secrets, the forst in a new book series by Daisy James, recently and as part of a blog tour to support the release of the book, Daisy has kindly written a guest post about some of the fiery caribbean cocktails mentioned in the book – enjoy!

In Sunshine & Secrets, when Millie Harper isn’t baking up a storm in the Paradise Cookery School, she spends a great deal of her time at a beach bar called the Purple Parrot in Soufrière sampling the various cocktails that are on offer there. Of course, the Caribbean is famous for its production of rum, so there is a myriad of delicious cocktails for Millie to choose from.

Rum is made from fermented cane sugar and there are three main varieties – white, gold and dark. Light rums are not as aged as dark rums which are stored in oak barrels to give them that deep golden-brown colour and rich caramelly or molasses flavour. White rums are the most commonly used in cocktails, but they are also drunk on their own – infused with local fruit and spices, such as orange, mango, lime, starfruit or nutmeg and cinnamon.

Here are a few cocktails sold in the Purple Parrot:

Andy’s Blast
Andy is the owner of the Purple Parrot and he makes a mean daiquiri which he serves with a loose wrist and a flourish. It’s created by combining white rum with sugar syrup, a twist of lime and the flesh scrapped from the inside of a cocoa pod finished off with a sprig of mint.

Lottie’s Margarita
Lottie is a waitress at the Purple Parrot. She’s a gap year wanderer who has stayed on in St Lucia to swoon over the resident beach boy, Dylan. When she’s not partaking in the local beer, her favourite cocktail is the Margarita which is not made with rum, but with tequila, triple sec and lime to which she adds lots of ice.

Smuggler’s Mojito
This is a really refreshing cocktail when made with the freshest of ingredients; rum, lime, sugar, soda and the most important ingredient mint. It’s always served over crushed ice.

Rum Punch
Marc is a waiter at the Purple Parrot who is a dab hand at rustling up a pitcher of rum punch. His version uses golden rum to which he adds orange juice, sugar syrup, lime juice and a generous sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg that is grown on the island.

Pina Colada
This is a classic tropical paradise cocktail made from white rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk, served with a tiny parrot on a cocktail stick. It’s bit rich and creamy for some palettes but it is what I think about when someone says Caribbean cocktail. For a twist on a theme, why not try it with mashed banana?

Huge thank to Daisy for giving us such a great list of cocktails to have a go at, and while you’ve a drink in hand, why not check out some of the other reviews, guest posts and giveaways on the remainder of the blog tour?

Sunshine and Secrets was published by Canelo on 19th March. You can find out more about Daisy James on Facebook, or connect with her on Twitter.

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  1. Daisy James says:

    Hi Stacey, a huge thank you for having me as a guest on your lovely blog! Love Daisy

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