Book Review: She Persisted Around the World by Chelsea Clinton ill. Alexandra Boiger

Women around the world have long dreamed big, even when they’ve been told their dreams didn’t matter. They’ve spoken out, risen up and fought for what’s right, even when they’ve been told to be quiet. Whether in science, the arts, sports or activism, women and girls throughout history have been determined to break barriers and change the status quo. They haven’t let anyone get in their way and have helped us better understand our world and what’s possible. In this book, Chelsea Clinton introduces readers to a group of thirteen incredible women who have shaped history all across the globe.

What I Thought:
It’s rare as hens’ teeth to find me reviewing a picture book, but I was really keen to get my hand on this one, written by Chelsea Clinton and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. She Persisted Around the World is a follow up to 2017’s She Persisted – a look at 13 amazing American women who pioneered, explored, invented and much more. This book takes that worldwide, showing 13 incredible women from a range of countries who wrote, invented, discovered and refused to be silenced.

From J. K. Rowling to Malala Yousafzai in the present, to Viola Desmond and Marie Curie this delight of a book tells their empowering stories, showing how these women were determined in their different ways and giving a strong message to young children that it’s important to follow your star. It’s also beautifully illustrated with details that will make children come back time and again.

In the current climate, it’s so important for books like this to show girls that they can achieve all they can dream, but also to show young boys that reading a book with a female lead character is not something bad – a view that definitely should be encouraged.

As a book nerd, I was drawn to J. K. Rowling’s story, which I’ve included the illustration for here, but the stories included are so diverse that there will be at least one takeaway for everyone who reads this book. In many ways it’s even inspiring for me, even though I am clearly NOT the target market!

I was delighted to donate my review copy to my local Junior School library, as I hope it will be well-used, borrowed and read for years to come.

If you count yourself as a feminist, and you have young children in your life, buy this book. Share this book with them and encourage them to find their own heroic women to idolise – there are so many of them there, usually standing in the background…

She Persisted Around the World is published in the UK by Penguin Young Readers. You can find out more about Chelsea Clinton on her Twitter profile and you can check out Alexandra Boiger’s website, where she has posted some of the other brilliant illustrations from She Persisted Around the World.

Please note: I was sent this book for review purposes. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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