Spotlight: Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake

Hello! Today I am excited to bring you one of a series of short extracts from the latest in the Three Dark Crowns series, Two Dark Reigns. These have been chosen by Kendare Blake to illustrate the gifts of some of her characters and help you get to know them before reading the full novel.

As a proud member of the Naturalist court, I am thrilled to introduce you to Jules:

Jules hears the bear before she sees the den dug into the side of the hill. She moves her torch so the light falls across the entrance, and something looks back at her with bright, fire-lit eyes.

It is a great brown. She was not seeking it. She was on the path of a stag and would have caught up with her quarry over the next rise.

The bear does not want trouble. It has most likely retreated back into its winter den in order to avoid the hunters.

Jules draws her knife. It is long and sharp and can go through a bear’s hide. But the bear will still kill her if it decides to fight.

The bear looks at the knife and sniffs. Part of her wants it to come. She is surprised by that, by the heat of her anger and the weight of her despair.

“If you are looking for the queen,” she says, “you came too late.”

There are more of these extracts featured on lots of other blogs today and in the coming weeks, so do take a look at the #TwoDarkReigns hashtag.

Two Dark Reigns is published by Macmillan Children’s Books. To find out about Kendare Blake and this amazing series, check out her website.

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