A Blog A Day! June 2019

So. I find myself yet again concentrating on reading all the fab books, but not actually reviewing them and owing reviews to lots of lovely people.

I aim to put that right this month, by posting a blog a day (excluding Sundays – we all need Sundays off, right?) featuring the reviews that I already owe, some that I am currently reading for, and some other booksy content as and when I fancy adding that in.

Having done this in the past, I find that having a solid month of posting most days definitely builds focus and for a while afterward, it does have a knock-on effect on posting – having known I can post every day, the pressure to post lots and often is much less.

My first proper post this month will be part of a blog tour, then I aim to write about YALC, a new business venture, this year’s book challenge, some of my favourite places and stories and…other things I’ve yet to think of!

I hope you’ll stick with me through the month, and I hope to do a fab final post on 29th June, as 30th June is a Sunday – there might even be a giveaway in there too for good measure.

Happy June to you all!

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