#40MoreBks – How Am I Doing?

If you follow me on any of my social media, you might have noticed the hashtag #40MoreBks – this is a challenge for this year created by my bookish friends and me to encourage a greater variety in the things we were reading.

This year is the second year we’ve done this, after starting the challenge with #40Yrs40Bks last year, the year we were all 40 years of age.

So how am I doing? This is the answer:

So far, I’ve read 24 of the 40 books, but those are ones I feel were easy, as I had ample books to choose from for it. As we go into the second half of the year, I am struggling a bit with some of the categories, such as Be Brave, Something Puntastic and !?!?.

Any ideas for any of these categories? I’m definitely open to suggestions for these and ant of the others, althought I think (hope) I have most of them covered.

Keep an eye on Instagram, as I’ve been posting my progress over there and why not join in?I It’s not too late, and you can always alloctae some of those books you’ve already read this year to catch up…

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