A Blog A Day: Gullivers Bookshop

Although I still have lots of reviews in the wings this month, it’s nice to be able to add in a few other things too, so I thought I would write a few words about one of my favourite places – of course it’s a bookshop!

Gullivers, Wimborne

Having a local independent bookshop really is a privilege and, while I am not above using ‘The Evil Empire’ you really can’t compare buying online with actually going into a bookshop and touching and smelling before you buy.

My local indy is Gullivers Bookshop in Wimborne and they are both old-fashioned (in the best way) and forward-thinking, which is clearly why they were named the Best Independent Bookshop in the South West this year. They did not, ultimately, win the national award, but they was robbed!!

One of the main reasons I like the shop so much is that you get the feeling that you are among like-minded people, and it’s easy to chat for ages about books and bookish things. There is a huge range of books and sundries to choose from, despite it not being the biggest shop in the world, and I like taking my kids there too as there is plenty for them too – including a big bucket of dinosaurs to play with!

News from the High Street is so often doom and gloom these days, that it’s nice to see a shop like this thriving, and playing a part in the local community. Gullivers are expert at this, having taken over the local record shop (Square Records) to save it from closure, and also running an annual literary festival based in various venues in the town. They also have a sister shop in Westbourne – I don’t know how they find the time!

As I said, they are forward-thinking at Gullivers, making full use of social media to chat about books – why not give them a follow on Twitter and join in the conversation?

I’d love to hear more about your favourite book shops and book places, so do leave a comment below, or give me a nudge on Twitter – I’d love to build my list of great book shops to visit!

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  1. Crooked Book in Boscombe is fab too. But very different from Gulliver’s Bookshop. Secondhand bookshop with a small cafe and fabulous vintage kitchenware, furniture and collectables.

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