A Blog A Day: Charity Shop Book Hauls

This is a cheat post really, as it’s using the content of others, but I have recently been watching a lot of Youtube videos showing charity shop book hauls, so I thought I would post some good, recent examples.

This is something I’d actually really like to get into, as I very often find myself book shopping in charity shops, so why not film a bit of it?

Do you have any examples of charity shop/thrifting videos that are by your go-to vloggers?

My first pick is by On a Shoestring and I have mega bookshelf envy here!

Next up is Jean BookishThoughts – this is more a general thrift and not just books, but Jean has loads of great videos on a variety pf topics anyway…

And this is the video that started my interest in thrifting videos – by LGR. He looks mainly at electronics and games etc, but does look at some books too.

So, as I said, I’d love to hear your suggestions for any thrifting videos that have caught your eye, whether bookish or not – comment below, or catch me on Twitter.

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