A Blog A Day: All Done!!

Well – I set out on the month of June, hoping to post almost every day, and clear some of the reviews that I’d promised and also write a few bits and bobs about other things.

I think I missed 2 days, aside from the scheduled Sundays, so I’m going to call it a win!

Writing about Matilda had me looking forward to seeing it again (which I am this week) and taking a look at the Lacey Flint books reminded me to re-read them in the near future, as they are just so good!

I’d be interested to know which, if any, posts caught your eye this month…

I did say at the beginning that I would run a giveaway this month – I didn’t get to it, so I will do it now to celebrate finishing up. Head over to my Twitter and check out the pinned post to see what you can win…

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