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A girl is taken from the streets of Oxford. But it’s unlike any abduction DI Fawley’s seen before . . .

Faith Appleford was attacked, a plastic bag tied over her head, taken to an isolated location . . . and then, by some miracle, she escaped.

What’s more, when DC Erica Somer interviews Faith, she quickly becomes convinced that Faith knows who her abductor is.

Yet Faith refuses to press charges.

Without more evidence, it’s looking like the police may have to drop the case.

But what happens if Faith’s attacker strikes again?

What I Thought:

Another fantastic novel in the Adam Fawley series from Cara Hunter! All The Rage kicks off directly after book number 3, No Way Out, with repercussions from that case still affecting Fawley’s team.

On a rainy day in Oxford, a girl is snatched from the street, seemingly with no-one seeing and, although she is found later in the day, another snatched girl may not be so lucky.

The wrinkle in this case is that Fawley can see similarities in another case, one that he thought was long-closed and that could affect his family. So far, so exciting!

I’ve read all of the Adam Fawley books and I can’t praise them highly enough. Fawley’s team is made up of an eclectic selection of people which could so easily have fallen into stereotype, but never do, and there have been some new people introduced over this book and the last, who have great potential to carry parts of the story in future books.

I tend to read quite a lot of crime novels, and have started many a crime series over the years – I’ve stuck with Fawley as, even though each book could be read on its own, there are lots of elements that reward series followers, and Cara Hunter is able to discreetly recap, without it spoiling the flow of the book.

What I most admire about this book is that the plot will genuinely keep you guessing – it is a very overused phrase, but it’s perfect in this case – even after the mystery is resolved, there is more to come!

All the Rage is published by Viking Books.

To find out more about Cara Hunter and her books, you can connect with her on Twitter.

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Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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