Read With Me 2020 #16

I’m taking part in a new linky this week – hosted by Chantelle at Mama Mummy Mum, welcome to Read with Me!

I’ve not got a new review to share this week, so I thought I’d just let you know what I’m reading at the moment. Due to the current global situation, I thought I’d be happily reading like there’s no tomorrow, but I find I’m struggling a bit to focus and, given that we’re now all home schooling, I find I still don’t really have any more time than I did before!

The first book I’m currently reading is What If? by Randall Munroe. I started out reading this book to my now 12-year-old last year but – sadly – he’s decided that he doesn’t really want to be read to anymore, so I’m finishing it off myself! It’s actually really funny and, although some of the science does baffle a non-scientist like me, all of the strange questions are answered comprehensively.

Today I started a book I’m really excited about, so I hope it will boost my reading mojo – it’s Boy Queen by George Lester. Due to be released in August, this is George’s debut novel and tells the story of Robin, who finds new purpose in his life through Drag. I’ll be reviewing this, as it’s a Netgalley copy so hopefully I can have that done by this time next week!

And finally, I’m also reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. I love Tina’s comedy, so I’m hoping that this autobiography will make me giggle… I’m ashamed to say that I’ve had this book for an absolute age and am only just getting to it…

That’s it for now, but I hope to be able to post regularly on this linky, and that it’ll help me keep on top of all the reviews I owe people, especially those from Netgalley – I’m really trying to get my percentage up a bit, as it’s currently only at 55%.

Read With Me
Read with Me, hosted by Mama Mummy Mum
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6 Responses to Read With Me 2020 #16

  1. I also thought that I would have more time to read now we have a different routine but that hasn’t happened! I also thought my daughter and I could read more together but she prefers to read on her own at the moment.

    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. Happy reading!


    • Stacey says:

      Yeah, I really hoped I’d get a few more years out of reading to my older son, as he’s not a huge reader – sadly not though!

  2. Chantelle Hazelden says:

    Ooooo I want to read Boy Queen, I hadn’t heard of the other two so I will have to look them up. Oh that number gives me anxiety, my Netgalley never dips below 90% lol. Thank you for linking up with #readwithme

  3. I’m in awe that you can read three books at once! I can only read one book at a time (plus I read one with my daughter too). I really like the sound of Boy Queen, so I will look out for that one in August.
    Popping over from Read With Me,

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