Book Review: The Vinyl Detective: Victory Disc by Andrew Cartmel

When one of his cats accidentally discovers a rare Victory Disc, the Vinyl Detective and his girlfriend Nevada are whisked into the world of big band swing music, and a mystery that began during the Second World War.

Hired to track down the rest of the highly sought-after recordings of the Flare Path Orchestra, our hero will discover that the battles of the last world war aren’t over yet. And if all this sounds simple, it’s only because we haven’t mentioned drive-by shootings, murderous neo-Nazis, or that slight case of being buried alive…

What I Thought:

Having read both of the earlier Vinyl Detective books, I was eager to read Victory Disc as I’ve found the books to be really fun adventure stories – this book was certainly in keeping. What starts as a chance discovery by one of the cats (I LOVE the cats in these books btw) leads to a full-scale search for WW2-era recordings, and the chance to solve a murder.

I think what I like most about these books is that the lead character (we still don’t know his name) is just an ordinary bloke. Starting out as a record collector and dealer and – thanks to the drunken printing of some business cards – becoming the go-to man for tracking down rare records is all done by accident, but he handles each situation with aplomb, helped in no short measure by his espionage-loving girlfriend and his quirky friends.

Victory Disc in particular appeals to me due to the WW2 connections. There is some good period detail as witnesses speak to the detective and the research into the Big Bands is excellent, as is the nitty-gritty of record collecting – it’s not an instruction manual by any means, but if you felt like collecting at any point, you could do worse than taking the detective’s advice!

The mystery plot, as ever, is very well put together, with details left along the way that you’ll not realise were important until you look back and, once things become clear, there is a flash/bang ending.

Luckily for me, there is a book 4 available, which I look forward to getting to soon!

Victory Disc is published by Titan Books.

To find out more about Andrew Cartmel and his work, you can check out his blog. Alternatively, why not connect with him on Twitter?

Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, however, my own.

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