Read With Me 2020 #24

Hi Folks – another round up this week for Read With Me.

Yesterday, I finished So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter. This is the first book of hers that I’ve read (although I think I have others) and it was brilliant. It is a book about how what can appear to be, on the surface, the perfect life, is not always as it appears and that we all have an image we want to portray to others, whatever the truth may be. It’s an interesting examination of the Internet age but, at the heart of it, it’s a really good book for women.

I also finished A Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean. A Middle Grade (8-12) book, it’s about Cally Fisher who is a year on from losing her mum in an accident. She begins to see her mum, right around the same time a shaggy stray dog appears but no-one seems to want to hear about it. So Cally decides to stop talking…

I loved this book, and have added it to my son’s book shelf, as it’s a really valuable book looking at loss – although reading about the loss of a parent may upset some children. I thought it was really sensitively handled and there are lots of other issues touched upon, but all in a sympathetic way that fits in well with the theme of the book.

And finally, this week I was delighted to see that Penguin had published a brand new – and free – short story from Jojo Moyes, featuring Lou Clark from Me Before You. Having loved that trilogy of books, I was eager to read just a little bit more about Lou and it was a really lovely story. Lou is stuck in lockdown with her parents (who I absolutely love!) and going quietly mad, until she hits on an idea to keep her mind and hands occupied while the world goes mad instead. Definitely recommended, and I’ve linked to it above.

That’s all for this week – I did think I was having a quiet reading week, but I seem to have done quite well!

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well…

Read With Me
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5 Responses to Read With Me 2020 #24

  1. Thank you. I’ve been meaning to try reading some Jojo Moyes for ages, so I’ve just read the short story you found #readwithme

  2. The JoJo Moyes story sounds great – I really enjoyed the first two books in the Me Before You trilogy but haven’t read the third.


  3. I read the Lou story a couple of weeks ago too and I thought it was perfect! I couldn’t believe how much was woven into that short story.
    I’ve never read anything by Dawn O’Porter, but I’ve heard good things about her books.

  4. Chantelle Hazelden says:

    Runs off to look for the short story (I love those books), thanks for sharing with #readwithme

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