Review: Blue Coffee Box #gifted

An unusual one from me today. Ordinarily, I review books but I feel like in this very strange year, it’s worth taking a look at things that go perfectly alongside your usual read and – crucially – can be brought right to your door.

I’m a big fan of subscription boxes in general – there are some great ones out there at the moment, with everything from books to toothbrushes – so why not tea and coffee?

Blue Coffee Box offers customizable coffee bag or box subscriptions, delivered on a schedule to suit you or your giftee. With a wide range of choices including your preferred roast and your specific type of coffee maker, you will then receive either one or two bags of coffee, ethically sourced at better than Fairtrade prices.

I was initially impressed with the sustainability model of this company (and their sister subscription, Blue Tea Box), and their ethical credentials – I think during the pandemic a lot more of us have developed an appreciation for companies that help the little guy!

The box I was sent appealed to my Green self, as the packaging itself is plastic-free – no packing peanuts here – and fit through the letter box. I’m not sure whether the bags containing the coffee are recyclable but all the other items in the box, and the outer box, are so.

It was beautifully presented, with information cards on both the Colombian Cajibio coffee and the El Salvadorean Tapantogusto RFA coffee with tasting notes and details of where the coffee was sourced.

I’m generally not especially discerning when it comes to coffee (I’m a slave to a High Street Chain), but you could really taste the difference with these blends – I guess you don’t know quality until you have it and it was a genuine surprise to have coffee that tasted as good as it smelled.

If you’re tempted to grab a bag or a box to go alongside your winter reading, Blue Coffee Box have given me a code for you all to get £3 off your first order – Simply go to and enter the code TW3 to redeem.

So a ringing endorsement from me – with probably 20 cups of coffee in each bag, this will last me well into winter!

Please note: I was sent this item for an honest review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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