Blog Tour: Moonlight Over Studland Bay by Della Galton

Animal loving Samantha Jones is on a mission to ‘live the dream’.

When best friend Abby has a beautiful baby boy Sam’s priorities change and she realises she wants more from her life.

Uninspired with her dull day job Sam plans to expand Purbeck Pooches, her seaside pet sitting business into a full-time career and embarks on a mission to find her perfect man.

Sam soon hits trouble. Her boss accuses her of moonlighting. The perfect man is frustratingly elusive and her parents make a shock revelation.

The odds are stacking up against her but Sam finds that sometimes when you reach for the moon, you get a handful of glittering stars thrown in for free.

What I Thoughts:

I’m sure most of us bookworms get that little buzz of excitement when presented with a book that is set in places we’re familiar with – such was the case for me when I spotted Moonlight Over Studland Bay by Della Galton.

In actual fact Della Galton is so local to me that, a few years ago, my friend and I took one of her writing workshops on short fiction. Although the course itself was excellent it clearly showed me that, while everyone may have a book in them, in my case that’s probably where it should stay!

Anyway, luckily for us, Della Galton is a skilled writer who truly understands her genre. I always say that there is a certain inevitability about romantic fiction, in that we know that it will have a happy ending but that it’s the getting there that is the fun – and this book definitely brings the fun!

Sam is a great character, immediately tapping into the feeling that a lot of people have of being stuck in a job that they cannot get passionate about – it pays the bills, but does not feed the soul. But Sam has a plan to start her own company looking after pets in the beautiful Studland Bay area of Dorset. Where romance is concerned, having been hurt in a previous relationship, she has no plans but could that all be about to change now that her house mate Abby has had a baby?

Of course! Although Sam is still dedicated to getting her business going, thoughts of starting a family can’t help but intrude and there are plenty of candidates – on and offline – to choose from. But as with all these things, it doesn’t go quite as smoothly as planned.

I loved this book – the local setting just added an extra cherry for me on top of an already lovely cake. I read quite a bit more romantic fiction these days – of variable quality – but I find that Boldwood Books has a knack of picking some real gems. Lovable characters, a proper romantic fiction ending and an eyebrow-raising plot involving Kunekune pigs makes this book a hit for me!

Moonlight Over Studland Bay is published by Boldwood Books.

To find out more about Della Galton and her work, you can check out her website, where you can also enquire about her writing courses (Covid permitting!). Alternatively, you can connect with her on Twitter.

This post is part of a blog tour to celebrate the publication of Moonlight Over Studland Bay – why not have a look at some of the other participating blogs below?

Please note: I was sent a copy of this book via Netgalley for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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  1. Della Galton says:

    Thank you so much. I didn’t know you’d come on a course once. Small world. Very much appreciate you taking the time to get involved on my blog tour. Thank you x

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