Book Review: Second Chances in Chianti by T. A. Williams

Alice thought her future was set in stone, until her past came knocking…

Alice Butler starred in a successful US sitcom until tensions in the cast and crew caused the show to be cancelled. Now, five years later and working towards her dream job in art history, she’s called back for a revival of the show. It can only end in disaster, surely?

Flown to a villa in Chianti to meet with the rest of the cast, Alice must decide where her future lies – with her boyfriend, David, who laps up the Hollywood company, or with the mysterious Matt, who shies away from public attention?

What I Thought:

One of my prevailing thoughts these days is ‘Thank goodness for romantic fiction!’. I find myself reading more and more of it recently as a bit of pre-pandemic happiness is very welcome.

T. A. Williams is spoiling us at the moment with Second Chances in Chianti, the second book in his Escape to Tuscany series, which is out today but not only that – there is a third book in the series due out in July!

I make no secret of the fact that I love Trevor’s books – they are light and funny, but also regularly look at the history, art and culture of Tuscany, plus there is obvious affection for the people and places he writes about. The descriptions of the area are so vivid that you can almost imagine yourself strolling among the vines on a Tuscan hillside!

What I like most about these books is that, despite glamorous locations and people, the lead characters are always sensible, down-to-earth women who are not normally given to flights of fancy – so when an intriguing man comes along, there is this immediate decision to be made – should she follow her head of her heart? I think you can probably guess which way things will go but getting to that conclusion is the fun part!

As ever, I’d thoroughly recommend this book, and you can pick up any of Trevor’s other works and find them of a similarly high standard – plus, there’s added Black Labrador in every book!

Second Chances in Chianti is published today by Canelo.

To find out more about T. A. Williams and his books, you can check out his website. Alternatively, why not connect with him on Twitter?

As Second Chances in Chianti is published today, you can check out lots of other brilliant blog posts and features on Twitter – find the links on Trevor’s account as above.

Please note: I was sent a copy of this book via Netgalley for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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