Book Review: Don’t Turn Around by Jessica Barry

Don't Turn Around Book Cover

Two strangers, Cait and Rebecca, are driving across America.

Cait’s job is to transport women to safety. Out of respect, she never asks any questions. Like most of the women, Rebecca is trying to escape something.

But what if Rebecca’s secrets put them both in danger? There’s a reason Cait chooses to keep on the road, helping strangers. She has a past of her own, and knows what it’s like to be followed.

And there is someone right behind them, watching their every move…

What I Thought:

Earlier in the week I took part in a Blog Road Trip for Jessica Barry’s Don’t Turn Around, and so today – release day – it’s time for my review.

This book ticked a lot of boxes for me. On the face of it, this is a thriller told in a combination of current chapters and flashbacks, and as a thriller it is really excellent, but what made it stand out for me is that there is a strong feminist message right through it and it addresses debates over the agency of women over their own bodies that are supremely relevant at the moment.

I can’t go into things any more than that, as it would give too much away, but reading this book as a woman is guaranteed to provoke rage on several levels – but it is all done with a deft hand that ensures you’ll not want to put this book down!

Jessica Barry puts two very different women in the lead roles of this book and although they have their own reasons for ending up in a car together in the middle of the night, they find common ground as they fight for survival in the middle of the desert there are aspects of their characters that you will both love and hate, but that just makes them both so much more relatable and very real.

I did not see the end of this book coming, even though there were clues along the way. If you enjoy having your head turned by something shiny, while something else quietly slips your notice then this is the book for you!

Don’t Turn Around is published by Vintage.

To find out more about Jessica Barry, you can connect with her on Twitter, and while you’re there, I have a giveaway running to win a copy of Don’t Turn Around, so check it out.

Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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