Blog Tour: Drinking Custard by Lucy Beaumont

Known for her sharp, witty and surreal view on everyday life, Lucy shares the unpredictable craziness of being a mum in this brilliant and laugh-out-loud ‘mumoir’.

Mums everywhere will recognise the madness of it all. From when Lucy was hospitalised with indigestion in her third trimester (blame the burrito), to when she was this close to slapping her hypnobirthing instructor, to finding herself drinking a whole pint of custard in one sitting.

Drinking Custard also captures Lucy’s marriage to comedian Jon, as they navigate Lucy’s raging pregnancy hormones and balk at pram prices together.

What I Thought:

I’ll never tire of motherhood books that tell it like it is and I take a very dim view of those parenting manuals that assure you that baby should be running to your routine, will go down for a nap when you say, and go to bed when you say – especially when my youngest didn’t go to sleep unless he was being held FOR THREE YEARS.

So, in Drinking Custard, when Lucy Beaumont’s daughter Elsie says ‘Right, I’m in charge.’ we may chuckle, because we all know it’s true…

If you’ve ever had a little tyrant in your life then this is the book for you, as reading Lucy’s adventures in motherhood strikes home on many levels – from having your boob grabbed by a well-meaning breastfeeding nurse, to feeling the pressure of living up to the Instagram-Mummy-Blog images of How To Be a MumTM Lucy’s book is honest, and that’s really all I ever wanted from a parenting book when my kids were young. There are amazing things about being a parent, but there are an equal number of shitty things and, despite things like Why Mummy Drinks, the shitty bits are still not talked about enough.

I know I don’t really need to say this, given that she’s a comedian, but Lucy’s writing is so funny, and yet there is a great mix of the hilarious and those touching, emotional moments that come with being a parent – a child that doesn’t look back as they head into school is a testament to your abilities as a parent, but it sure is a dagger to the heart too! This comes across really well in this book and will have you nodding in agreement as you read.

Lucy’s voice is warm and relatable, and I couldn’t help hearing it in her voice as I read, and the corrections and clarifications from Jon Richardson set the tone early on. They seem like a nice couple when they’re on TV things, and that comes across here too.

I highly recommend you step away from Instagram and grab this book instead – with or without a tin of custard!

Drinking Custard is published by Octopus Books.

About the Author:

Lucy Beaumont is a talented stand-up, comedy actress and writer. She is the writer and star of BBC Radio 4’s To Hull and Back, writer of Channel 4’s Hullraisers and cowriter of Dave’s Meet The Richardsons which returns for a second series this year.

Lucy is a well-known daughter of Hull and is passionate about her hometown. She has appeared on numerous entertainment shows; Artsnight (BBC2), Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier (Dave), Alan Davies’ As Yet Untitled (Dave), QI (BBC2), Drunk History (Comedy Central), Jonathan Ross Show (ITV), The One Show (BBC1), Cats Does Countdown (C4), What’s Going to Kill Us (C5), Live At The Electric (BBC Three) and featured in a Maltesers advertising campaign.

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Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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