My Plans for #NetGalleyNovember

Like very many of the book reviewers I know, I can get a bit carried away when looking at all the fantastic new titles that appear on Netgalley. Despite having plenty of books to read, the temptation is strong, which has lead to me have quite a number of titles still on my Netgalley shelf.

A couple of years ago, I started making a concerted effort to get this number down and get some of the older books read, reviewed and off the shelf with a view to getting my Netgalley percentage to the fabled 80%, which is when I came across #NetgalleyNovember, hosted by @emandherbooks and @tots_and_tales.

This is a great challenge which uses regular sprints and a healthy sense of competition to help us all get that shelf looking a bit more healthy, so this year I’m taking part.

So, a little late, my starting stats are:

And to focus the mind a little more, I’ve filled out my Netgalley Bingo Card with nine books I’m aiming to read – with the option to do a few more if I have time (ha!).

I’ve already finished two books (Little Black Lies and Fortunes Favours the Dead), so I feel like I’m on track at the mo…

Catch up with the other participants on Twitter, and I’ll try and give a few updates through the month too.

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