#NetgalleyNovember Roundup

After a frenzied month of Netgalley reading, I managed to read eight of the nine choices I made on my bingo card – plus an additional 9th book, that I didn’t have on the card.

I’ve worked out that, once I’ve written the reviews for these books, I will be at around 70% feedback rating – so close to the fabled 80%, I can taste it!

Amusing anecdote of the month was discovering that I had deleted the Netgalley copy of Not If I See You First, so had to buy a copy to be able to read it. Obviously a rookie mistake…

The highlight was discovering the Pentecost & Parker series by Stephen Spotswood – so good I read both books in November and it’s definitely a series to look out for!

All in all, this was a good reading month. I’d definitely participate again, but hope that I’ll not have quite so many Netgalley titles on my list come this time next year.

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