How I Read in 2021…

After writing down some reading intentions for 2021, I thought I would go back and check on how I did with them over the course of the year. I’ll be setting some goals for 2022 too, as I’ve found it a good way to keep some of my challenges on track.

Goodreads Challenge

I set a target of 100 books for my Goodreads Challenge and, despite falling behind schedule on a couple of occasions, I managed to complete it just before Christmas, and I used the down time to read a further four books!

Setting a goal of 100 seems to work for me – and I don’t know why I always panic on falling behind as I always seem to catch up – and in 2022 I’ll add the goal of being a bit more chill about the whole thing!


I was able to read 42 books for the #42ForMich challenge and listed them all on Twitter and Instagram. A real mixed bag this year but, mostly, some pretty good titles.

I will unpin the Twitter thread when I start the 2022 challenge, but the thread of what I read is here:


Well, despite some very good work, my Netgalley profile is still a bit of a dog’s dinner. I started the year with 72 titles to read, and 60% feedback and I end the year with 65 titles (although I have read 2 that I need to review, so 63 really) to read and 70% feedback rating. Closer to that fabled 80%, then, but still work to do.

Overall, 33 of the books I read this year were via Netgalley, as I did a number of tours that distribute their books that way, but I feel like I’ve made a dent in the older books this year.

I took part in Netgalley November, which was a good boost to choose and read Netgalley books – I managed to read 8 older Netgalley books in November and I think I’ll take part again next year.

Blog Tours

I feel hugely lucky to have been invited to participate in a number of exciting blog tours this year. Many thanks to Anne and Rachel for representing such varied and interesting books, and inviting me to shout about them!

Keepers and Books to Move on

Welp – I kept my promise in moving on a lot of books this year. I finally owned up to the fact that there were some books that I just wasn’t going to read, and got rid of three big tubs full from my garage.

It’s some consolation that they will have gone on to benefit local charities and our local library via their secondhand book sale, but I’m sure you all feel as I do about moving books on – it was a wrench!

In Addition…

Holey moley, I did it! I finally read Atonement this year, so no shouting required. I’m not going to lie – I struggled with it in the first section, but I’m glad I stuck with it as the second half was easier to read. I’m not sure I would read it again, but at least it was a goal accomplished for 2021!

It’s been an interesting year once again, but I’m pleased I set some reading goals and actually managed to get through them in some shape or form. Stay tuned for my 2022 reading goals tomorrow…

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