My Reading Intentions for 2022

After summing up how I got on with my reading goals in 2021, it’s time to set a few goals for 2022.

Goodreads Challenge

I wonder what colour the 2022 Goodreads Challenge will be?

Setting the goal of 100 books for this challenge seems to work quite well for me – as I said in my 2021 round up, I do tend to get a bit panicky about it, but usually come through ok.


We’re back with a 42-book challenge in 2022! I’ve been undertaking this challenge with friends since 2018 and, as with previous years, we have each chosen ten categories for which we have to choose a book to read, and we’ve included two categories for our friend Michelle who you may have read about last year. They are all single word (or letter) categories for next year, so can be interpreted how you wish – and very often quite loosely! I don’t tend to plan too far ahead for this one, but I do already have some ideas…

I’ll update this challenge on Instagram, so do follow over there for updates, but I will also start a Twitter thread too… The categories are pictured below, so please do join in.


Still 65 books to read via Netgalley, going back to 2015! Shameful. I feel like I’ve put in some good work to get the older titles read and reviewed this year, but there are just so many great books being added all the time…

My goal for next year is to get the total number on my Netgalley shelf down below 55, and to also read all of the books that I downloaded in 2015 and 2016, at the very least.

I found Netgalley November a good challenge for this purpose, so I will aim to take part in that again – although you never know, I may have cleared the shelf by then! Ha!!

Blog Tours

I love taking part in blog tours, and already have some booked in for early next year. I would still like to take part in them, while cutting down my own TBR pile, so I think I’ll just maintain a sensible level of tours for me, which is about 3-4 per month. Unless something A-MAY-ZING turns up at short notice…

So it’s a shorter list of goals this year for me – what are your reading goals for 2022?

Happy New Year one and all!!

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