Blog Tour: A Loyal Traitor by Tim Glister

Duty or honour. Which would you betray?

It’s 1966. London is swinging, and the Cold War is spiralling.

Clear cut lines have faded to grey areas. Whispers of conspiracies are everywhere. Spies on both sides of the iron curtain are running in circles, chasing constant plots and counterplots. And MI5 agent Richard Knox is tired of all of it.

But when Abey Bennett, his CIA comrade in arms, appears in London with a ghost from Knox’s past and a terrifying warning that could change the balance of power in the Cold War for good, he has to fight to save the future.

He must also face an agonising choice: who will he believe, and who will he betray – his duty to his country or his loyalty to his friends?

What I Thought:

I was lucky enough to read Tim Glister’s debut novel, Red Corona, last year and with A Loyal Traitor the Richard Knox series is getting better and better.

Knox is back in what the movies would have you believe is ‘Swinging London’, but in fact is still a mass of bombsites and building sites. This comes across really well, giving the whole book a dark atmosphere and, actually, Tim Glister uses place really well throughout the book to enhance the action – bad things happen on isolated country roads and you really get a sense of that from the descriptions of the scenery.

Red Corona and A Loyal Traitor both feel exactly like a spy thriller should. There is political manoeuvring on both sides, but it is backed up with fast-paced action and lots of twists and turns, plenty of research has gone in to making it accurate but it never overwhelms the story. Above all, it’s difficult to tell who are friends and who are enemies – even Knox’s relationship with Abey Bennett is up for debate. Cold War allies they may be, but no-one is above a double cross!

This is a really gripping book, perfectly paced and with mysterious elements introduced at just the right time. I would highly recommend both books in this series.

A Loyal Traitor is published by Point Blank.

About the Author:

TIM GLISTER grew up in Newcastle and now lives in London. An associate creative director in advertising, he’s worked for a range of famous and infamous global brands, including eighteen months at the controversial political communications agency Cambridge Analytica in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential primaries. In a previous life he was a literary agent and a bookseller at Waterstones, Newcastle.

You can find out more about Tim on his website.

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Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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