Blog Tour: Confetti Over Bluebell Cliff by Della Galton

Art dealer Ruby Lambert is on a mission to lose her baby weight ahead of her sister’s Olivia’s wedding in 6 months’ time.
To add fuel the fire, Ruby has also been ‘honoured’ with the unenviable task of being Head Bridesmaid. So determined not to let Olivia down, she signs up to a swanky new diet & fitness club, The Bluebell Booty Busters.

Uncertain of what to expect Ruby meets Harry Small, a wealthy local businessman who ‘joins’ Booty Busters, after pressure from his wife, who’s worried about his health and growing waistline.

Ruby and Harry soon team up as diet buddies, supporting each other through their dieting crisis’s. But something seems amiss at Booty Busters when they both discover that if it looks too good to be true; it probably is….

Will Ruby and Harry ever reach their targets?

And will Ruby do her sister proud and be the Belle of the Ball?

What I Thought:

The Bluebell Cliff series by Della Galton has really shaped up to be a feel-good and very re-readable set of books!

In Confetti Over Bluebell Cliff, the latest installment, we catch up with the Lambert family, this time focussing on Ruby who is taking time out from her highly successful career as an art dealer to be mum to her young son, Simon.

As we learned in the previous book, Ruby’s sister Olivia is to be married and Ruby is concerned that her baby weight is a little bit hard to shift – she decides to join Booty Busters, a new programme run by Youtuber Saskia and the Bluebell Cliff Hotel’s prankster chef, Mr B.

As someone who has been to many a diet club, there is a lot to identify with here and, although Ruby is concerned with her weight, her family are supportive of her just the way she is and back her in whatever her decisions are. I think this is important as very often plots involving weight loss focus on people losing weight because of some kind of humilitation or due to pressure from friends and family. This is not the case here, so it’s very easy to support Ruby on her weight loss journey. Having said this, Harry is a different story, but you’ll find out why as you read on…

I think it’s great that the Bluebell Cliff series is so connected – although each book is distinct, there are some characters that we meet several times (Mr B, for example) so there is an air of familiarity about them. Each book also gives Della Galton an opportunity to describe the beautiful scenery of East Dorset, which she does brilliantly – I wonder if there’s any mileage in Bluebell Cliff guided tours for avid Boldwood readers??

As I said, a great addition to the series, just the kind of contemporary romance I like to read.

Confetti Over Bluebell Cliff is published by Boldwood Books.

About the Author:

Della Galton is the author of 15 books, including Ice and a Slice. She writes short stories, teaches writing groups and is Agony Aunt for Writers Forum Magazine. She lives in Dorset. Della’s new fiction series launched with Sunshine Over Bluebell Cliff in May 2020.

This post is part of a blog tour celebrating the publication of Confetti Over Bluebell Cliff.

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Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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  1. Della says:

    Thank you so much for being part of my blog tour again. It’s very much appreciated. xxx

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