Blog Tour: Welcome To Your Life by Bethany Rutter

This is a love story…

Serena Mills should be at her wedding. But she’s not.

Instead, she’s eating an ice cream sundae and drinking an obscenely large glass of wine in a Harvester off the M25.

Everyone thinks she’s gone mad.

She’s left the man everyone told her she was ‘so lucky’ to find – because Serena wants to find love. Real love. A love she deserves – not one she should just feel grateful for.

So, she escapes to the big city and sets herself a challenge: 52 weeks. 52 dates. 52 chances to find love. It should be easy, right?

A story about love, forging your own path, and falling head over heels – with yourself.

What I Thought:

What a joyous book Welcome To Your Life is!

After writing successfully in the YA genre, Bethany Rutter has given us her first book for adults, featuring a heroine who has a lightbulb moment on the day of her wedding. Is this slightly late to have it? Yes – and Serena would agree with you – nevertheless new experiences beckon as Serena swaps comfortable-but-boring for new things and new people in her new London life.

While, yes, I have said the book is joyous, that doesn’t stop it from dealing with some quite big issues – the storyline around workplace harrassment is rage-inducing but it’s fantastic to see the strong group of women in this book support each other and stand up to that kind of behaviour.

Serena’s progression through the book, from ‘wedding jilter’ to a woman unapologetically in control of her life is so uplifting. There is still very much a sense in society of fat people being undeserving of nice things, so to see Serena blossom and begin taking what she wants is worthy of a round of applause!

I would very much recommend this book – a fantastic main character, and an inspirational mentor and friend in Nicole, it will leave you with a smile on your face.

Welcome To Your Life is published by HarperCollins.

About the Author:

Bethany Rutter is the author of YA novels No Big Deal and Melt My Heart, and the editor of fashion coffee-table book, Plus+. She works in the plus-size fashion industry, so is mostly interested in women, clothes and bodies.

Bethany co-hosts the books podcast What Page Are You On?’

Catch up with Bethany via her website.

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Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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