It Started With A Kiss by Lisa Hobman

Can two strangers’ dreams lead to their destiny?

American Star Mendoza is living in her dream location, Edinburgh, a place she discovered in British novels while growing up. Employed at a trendy city centre coffee shop, quirky, pink-haired Star spends her days fantasising about a handsome businessman she serves daily. He’s totally out of her league but a girl can dream, right?

Fin Hunter is exhausted from striving for his father’s elusive love and approval, and of following a life path of his family’s making. When things go drastically wrong Fin decides it’s time to stand on his own two feet and follow his own dream.

Star is bereft when her handsome stranger stops coming to her coffee shop, but a chance encounter in the most unlikely of places leaves her wondering if her fantasy could now become a reality?

Can opposites attract over their love of a city and music or is their story simply doomed to fail?

What I Thought:

It Started With a Kiss differs from many romantic fiction books, in that we know pretty early on that our star-crossed lovers get together – the hook in this book is wondering whether, in the face of outside pressure, they will be able to stay together. The conflict here is not will-they-won’t-they and I think the book is the stronger for that.

Star and Fin are great characters – Fin’s back story is quite sad, as he seems to come from parents who never should have had children! Fin and his brother seem only to exist to further the prestige of the parents and, when Fin makes moves against this and realises that his family is definitely not typical, it’s great to see him blossom in his personal and professional life.

Star is blessed to come from a supportive family who provide real love and affection and she is able to show Fin that family love can be given freely, rather than ‘earned’ as he had thought in the past.

Aside from the romantic storyline – which is pretty good itself – at the heart of this story is Fin’s blossoming from dutiful, son and buttoned-up lawyer to a braver man, following his own path. Whether his new future includes Star, you’ll have to wait and see!

A very enjoyable book, with a perfect, picturesque setting – highly recommended.

It Started With a Kiss is published by Boldwood Books.

About the Author:

Lisa Hobman has written many brilliantly reviewed women’s fiction titles – the first of which was shortlisted by the RNA for their debut novel award. In 2012 Lisa relocated her family from Yorkshire to a village in Scotland and this beautiful backdrop now inspires her uplifting and romantic stories. Her first title for Boldwood Dreaming Under an Island Skye was published in February 2021.

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Please note: I received a review copy of this book via Netgalley. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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