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Jenny Tough is an endurance athlete who’s best known for running and cycling in some of world’s most challenging events – achieving accolades that are an inspiration to outdoor adventurers everywhere. But SOLO tells the story of a much more personal project: Jenny’s quest to come to terms with feelings and emotions that were holding her back.

Like runners at any level, she knew already that running made her feel better, and like so many of us, she knew that completing goals independently was empowering, too. So, she set herself an audacious objective: to run – solo, unsupported, on her own
– across mountain ranges on six continents, starting with one of the most remote locations on Earth in Kyrgyzstan.

SOLO chronicles Jenny’s journey every step of the way across the Tien Shan (Asia), the High Atlas (Africa), the Bolivian Andes (South America), the Southern Alps (Oceania), the Canadian Rockies (North America) and the Transylvanian Alps (Europe), as she learns lessons in self-esteem, resilience, bravery and so much more.

What Jenny’s story tells us most of all is that setting out to do things solo – whether the ambitious or the everyday – can be invigorating, encouraging and joyful. And her call to action to find strength, confidence and self-belief in everything we do will inspire and motivate.

What I Thought:

As a woman who’s knocking on a bit now, I have huge admiration for younger women who get out there and make their mark in their chosen field – one such woman is Jenny Tough, who chronicles her project to run across a mountain range on each continent in Solo.

This book was really an incredible read as it was about Jenny’s plans, routes and the runs themselves, but Jenny is unafraid of including the bad time. There were times when she felt that she may not be able to carry on, times when illness forced her to stop and times when her own self-doubt crept in. It’s really powerful to know that an adventure athlete such as her – although she is uncomfortable applying the term to herself – is sometimes affected by the thoughts and feelings that can hold us all back.

Through blistered feet, broken equipment and the unwanted protection of local police, this journey across the world is incredibly compelling, and the beauty of each destination leaps off the page. As local people across the world scoff and doubt Jenny’s plans, it’s fascinating to feel that you’re cheering her on, even while knowing that these journeys have been completed! It really gave me a lift to read about this inspiring woman and her determination to succeed on this solo project.

Just superb, and an encouragement for me to both step back into my running shoes, and also to read more of these types of memoir!

Solo is published by Aster.

About the Author:

Jenny Tough is an adventure traveller originally from Canada. She enjoys writing about her solo mountain expeditions and tales of world travel as a solo female. Jenny has been featured by National Geographic, BBC Scotland, Women’s Running, The Great Outdoors and more. In 2020 she edited Tough Women Adventure Stories, published by Summersdale.

When she’s not exploring the mountains of the world, she lives in Scotland, and occasionally wherever she parks her adventure van.

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Please note: I was sent a copy of this book for review. All opinions are, as ever, my own.

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