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Book Review: The Gates of Evangeline by Hester Young

When New York journalist and recently bereaved mother Charlotte “Charlie” Cates begins to experience vivid dreams about children she’s sure that she’s lost her mind. Yet these are not the nightmares of a grieving parent, she soon realizes. They are … Continue reading

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Blog Tour: Death at the Seaside by Frances Brody

Nothing ever happens in August, and tenacious sleuth Kate Shackleton deserves a break. Heading off for a long-overdue holiday to Whitby, she visits her school friend Alma who works as a fortune teller there. Kate had been looking forward to … Continue reading

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Primula Treats for the Festive Season

As a child growing up in the 80s, of course I remember Primula, the cheese in a tube that was a feature of school lunches, but also good squeezed straight from the tube into the gob. As an adult, of … Continue reading

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Making the Summer last a little longer…

I don’t know if you’ll agree, but this summer has (despite the poop weather) seemed really long to me – starting off with the Jubilee and running through the Olympics, with loads of Football, Tennis and Formula 1 in between, … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Jaunt? Don’t Mind if I Do!

You might remember that aagggges ago I ran a giveaway with Groupon for an experience voucher for them. Well, part of that was also supposed to be a review of one of their experiences. With one thing an another, including … Continue reading

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