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A Nutty November and a Few Things Off The List

I did say I’d tell you more about my very busy November, where I managed to knock several things off my Bucket List all at once, so here goes. First of all, I decided to sign up for (and intended … Continue reading

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Advice Please! How do we move past the poo?

Biggest boy has been going great guns with the potty training. Ok, so there are still some accidents but, on the whole we have stand up and sit down wees galore. The difficulty at the moment is that he still … Continue reading

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The ‘Old Life’ – Rufus Stone The Movie

I’ve been a little bit in touch with my ‘old life’ recently, as I’ve been reading about a project at my former place of work that was getting under way when I left to have babies three years ago. I … Continue reading

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Monthly Milestones: May 2011

Initially when I saw that Sarah, the Ex-Pat Bride had put up her Monthly Milestones I though ‘Pah! I’ve nothing to add this month’ and was going to skip it, but my lovely friend has reminded me that there are … Continue reading

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Holy Schmoly! It’s Facebook Friday

Good grief, Friday has rocked around again, and it’s time for Facebook Friday! I joined in with this last week at Ghost Writer Mummy’s blog but didn’t add a post here – slapped wrists for me – so here’s a … Continue reading

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