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Review: Quality Street Green Triangle Desserts

I’m lucky enough to be asked to review a fair few bits and bobs, but goodness me – when I was asked to review the new Quality Street Green Triangle desserts, I was pleased as punch! If you’re a Quality … Continue reading

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Begone Ye Evil Devil!

Ok, so this probably seems pretty funny given that my last post was a review of chocolate, but that is partly the resaon that I’ve decided to institute another chocolate ban. I did try this earlier in the year, quite … Continue reading

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Boutique Unique: A Review of Cocoa Boutique

You’ll know, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, that I am something of a slave to chocolate; so much so that early this year I instituted a voluntary ban which I continued for a while. Inevitably though, … Continue reading

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A Crisp and Delicious Giveaway with Elizabeth Shaw

I promised you some delicious things this week didn’t I? Well, since I am not one to disappoint, here is part one: Chocolate Maker Elizabeth Shaw has recently launched four new varieties of milk and dark chocolates in its ‘Crisp’ … Continue reading

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Review: Hotel Chocolat’s Gorgeous Easter Eggs!

As you may know, I decided a while back to abstain from chocolate as I am the worst type of chocoholic, but when I was asked to try a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg, I was happy, nay ecstatic, to sweep … Continue reading

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