Where I Am This Month

I have been guest posting and, of course, have a regular commitment to write for Brew Drinking Thinkings, so here’s where you can find my stuff this month:

February 2012

The Reformed Chocoholic Speaks: Part of the Multi-Coloured Blog Swap

October 2011

At Brew Drinking Thinkings

My Top Ten Elphabas
Thriller Live!
Misery – From Page to Stage
Profile – Julie Andrews

September 2011

At Brew Drinking Thinkings

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day
Disability in the Arts: Chickenshed
Focus on Amateur Theatre
My Top 10 Phantoms
Review: Julius Caesar
Titanic The Musical

August 2011

At Brew Drinking Thinkings

Focus on Waiting for Godot
Top 5 Shows to See This Summer
Focus on South Pacific
Disability in the Arts: Speakeasy Theatre
Top 5 Current Directors
Profile: Steven Berkoff

July 2011

Tesco Real Food: Real Help for Families on a Tight Budget – BDT Brew Break
A Christening Card in Five Minutes – My Ramblings
The End of an Era: Farewell to the Space Shuttle – BDT Brew Break

At Brew Drinking Thinkings

Potter in Plays
Les Miserables: 25 Years and Still Going Strong
RSC Open Stages: Bringing Pro & Amateur Theatre Together
Review: Derren Brown’s Svengali
Top 10 Stage Musicals Based on Movies
Top 5 Musicals for Amateur Companies

June 2011

The Green Carpet Was Out! – BDT Brew Break
School Admissions from a Panicky Parent’s Point of View – Curly & Candid

At Brew Drinking Thinkings

Top 5 Longest Running West End Shows
Stunt Casting – For and Against
Profile – Kevin Spacey
The Scottish Play – Macbeth’s Bad Reputation
Top 10 West End Performances by Hollywood Stars
West End LIVE! – The Best of the West End for Free

May 2011
At Brew Drinking Thinkings

Bully Boys – A Review
Jukebox Musicals
Do You Have to go to London to see Good Theatre?
Top Ten Musicals that made it to the Big Screen
Focus on Matthew Bourne
Much Ado about Who?
My Top 10 Shakespeare Plays
My Top 5 Essential Musicals
The State of the Arts: Funding the Arts in 2011
Happy 30th Birthday Pussycat!

March 2011
Family History and the Census: Fill out yours with pride! – Littlemummy.com

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